Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Important and impressive..."

Rabbi Eugene Korn writes that:
...Benedict has chosen to stress these teachings not because of Jewish pressure nor to be politically correct. He wrote the book for Catholics around the world, not to win Jewish minds and hearts. Evidently Benedict understands that purging the New Testament and Catholic thinking of all traces of the Adversus Judaeos motifs so prevalent in early and medieval Christian theology is essential if he is to purify the faith of Christian believers. This makes the most recent installment of “Jesus of Nazareth” an all the more important and impressive work.
Read the full article at the Jewish Daily Forward...


  1. Evidently Benedict understands that purging the New Testament ...

    The Pope has no authority to purge the New Testament. Dream on ...

  2. But his supersessionism has always been focused on the end of time, and he has maintained that Jewish unification with the church is “hardly possible, and perhaps not even desirable before the eschaton.” In his latest book, he expands this idea, insisting that for now “Israel retains its own mission” and that saving Israel “is in the hands of God” — meaning, presumably, not in the hands of Christian missionaries.

    I find this statement deeply troubling, especially the part in bold. Did the Pope really say that?