Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review roundup #1

Reviews of Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week are now starting to come in!

Eric Sammons
writes in Our Sunday Visitor:
The greatness of a great man is not always recognized in his own time... Yet Joseph Ratzinger — now Pope Benedict XVI — is one of the greatest theologians to ever hold the office of the papacy, and his impact on the life of the Church — especially in theological studies — can hardly be overstated. Centuries from now, his works will still be studied and examined, and will be impacting Catholic theology in ways we cannot today imagine....
Read the full review.

John L. Allen
writes on the National Catholic Register site that:
A veteran theologian and teacher, Benedict can express complex theological ideas in crystalline sentences that don’t require a Ph.D. to grasp, and he has a knack for phrasing the Christian message in positive terms -- what I’ve called his “Affirmative Orthodoxy.”
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Marcel LeJeune
writes on his blog, Mary's Aggies, that:
Benedict is trying to change the way in which Biblical scholars and theologians dive into the text and help shift Biblical studies toward a more intimate portrayal of Christ.
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