Thursday, March 3, 2011

"What Benedict XVI has written about the Jews is news—but not new news"

Carl E. Olson over at Ignatius Press's Insight Scoop has an in-depth look at the Church's relationship with Judaism. He says that:'s understandable and important that the Holy Father address the issue in a chapter about the trial of Jesus Christ. Yet is not so understandable why so many news outlets (not all, but many) are presenting Benedict's statements as somehow new and surprising, even unprecedented.

It's important that people understand that the Catholic Church—in conciliar and magisterial documents—has addressed this vital issue directly, and that Benedict is fleshing out and remarking in more detail on what has already been established by previous pontiffs.
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(Note: Insight Scoop is operated by Ignatius Press, the publisher of Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week.)

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